The importance of choosing the correct wedding suit

Immediately after choosing the wedding date and have completed the most urgent practices, such as booking the Church, the entertainment hall or the photographer, you must at once think about what kind of suit you want to wear.

The brides come in the various workshops even a year before the ceremony, to ensure that everything will be perfect on their wedding day. This habit is not so widespread in male world, both because is common the idea that is easier to dress a man, and because the groom is almost always the shadow of the bride, who is the only real star of the wedding.
The choice of the wedding suits for the groom is not so easy; even just choosing the color of the tie sometimes takes a long time. Going a year before the ceremony would be an exaggeration, but 3 or 4 months before are the ideal time to not stumble into unpleasant situations or to avoid be content with what is already tailored in the stores.
The first step to follow is: Will the ceremony be held in the morning or in the afternoon? For the uninitiated, there are kinds of suits suitable only for ceremonies held in the morning, such as the morning suit, and suits only suitable for evening ceremonies, such as the tuxedo or tailcoat.

After having skimmed the possibilities depending on the time of the celebration of marriage, you should go to the choice of color. If the ceremony is held, for example, on a hot July morning, you can wear light-colored suit made of light fabrics or dare with gaudy accessories; it would be inappropriate to wear a light-colored suit at an evening ceremony of December.
Finally, having already chosen model and color of the suit, you must switch to the choice of accessories: color and fancy of the waistcoat, tie or ascot or bow tie, shoes, belt, chain, flagship etc..
There are a lot of accessories for men's wedding suits, and combine all of them in an appropriately way is not easy.
About two months before the wedding, the groom must groped to maintain a stable weight, because adjust a suit a few days from the wedding is always a risk not to be run, even in the best tailors' shops. The trend is always to lose weight, but it must be done conscientiously and without exaggeration.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a marriage, not a graduation party or a gala dinner: the groom has to be flawless as much as the bride, he must be a brave knight who accompanies his lady to the altar, and he can't move to the background.
Unfortunately, there are beliefs that are in force and who are not really accurate, such as to match the to the bride's gown waistcoat or the tie to the dress of the bride's mother. It would be appropriate to give a uniform image so that the suits of the most important people won't clash placed one beside the other, but the groom must also follow his own taste and personality.
The groom shouldn't let other people force him in the choice of the suit, as he'll have to wear it for a whole day and must feel at ease. After choosing the wedding suit, it's time to announce the selection to witnesses or to the fathers of the spouses, to ensure that they will adapt their suits to the style chosen by the groom.

The groom, for its part, shouldn't impose tasteless or overly trendy suits just on a whim. The aim is to make that day a perfect day, and advise the witness or the father in the choice of the suits in an appropriate manner, also according to their physical conformation, can only help in achieving that goal.
Comply with a minimum "dress code", without restricting others personalities, from both the groom or the witnesses and guests, will help to create a special and perfectly homogeneous atmosphere during the ceremony. Wedding pictures are a memory that lasts a lifetime, and it's gratifying seeing that the overall presentation was pretty much perfect.
Unfortunately, for reasons of force majeure, but also for a little taste of the newlyweds, is spreading the practice of the rental suit. The suits designed to be rented are made so that they can be suitable for multiple physical conformations together and don't have a definite stylistic orientation.
A rented suit will not have the same comfort and the same details that will have a suit bought and modified by the groom and for the groom. The service of suit alterations for each groom or the "made-to-measure" service are specifically designed to make the customer feel special and to give him the maximum comfort while in motion.
There will always be some details that will not fit well in a rented suit: long or short sleeves, wide leg of the pants, too tight or too high waist, etc.. and the risk is to give the impression of an "I would, but I can't."
The wedding is the perfect opportunity to buy a good quality suit that you can always come in handy in an important dinner, a special night at the theater, for an important job interview or other, always in accordance with the planned budget.

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